Awake! I Am Coming

           “Awake! I Am Coming…” is a two session flexible church growth seminar taught by ministers Susan and David Nazarewicz with an “Outreach” at a nearby Mall or elsewhere.  It will encourage, uplift and pull your church members or youth group off the pews and launch them to fulfill the Great Commission.  They will teach from Susan’s book –                 “I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?” about how to use “object evangelism icebreakers.”  They are humble and just want to help and thus will come for a Love Offering of any amount. To Buy Her Book:   I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?

          Why This Seminar?   Because Jesus is coming soon! Many times the hardest part about witnessing to the lost is just getting started.  Many Christians really do not know how to transition or segue a conversation onto the Gospel track. If you cannot do this, you will not be witnessing at all, so this is a huge problem!   God greatly inspired Susan Nazarewicz with a solution and then she finally wrote and published her book:  “I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?”  It contains over 400 “object evangelism icebreakers” that Christians can use to transition or segue conversations into the Gospel, so that Christians can witness to unbelievers wherever they go!

         They Will Make a Tract for Your Church!  Just tell her what you want –

  • your church’s logo or theme
  • church location and directions
  • church service times
  • specific wording, special graphics

Susan will create it and e-mail back proofs to you until it is just what you want and then give you the original to be printed for your church members to use as they witness to the lost for free.

          First Night/Saturday NightAwakening Compassion in the Church

  • How close is it before Jesus comes again?
  • the horrors of Hell, and how to explain hell & that it is real.
  • Casting your cares on the Lord, so you can care about others
  • Overcoming tolerance, fear of man & rejection -> to witness
  • Using “the Gifts” to witness
  • Prophetic Ministry – to as many people as time allows.Next day/Sunday Morning
  • Truth to Say to 13 False Religions
  • What to Say to Objections
  • Her Book: “I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?”
  • “Object Evangelism icebreakers” sowing many examplesTestimonies – “Yes, it works!”

           After Second Session – Outreach at the Mall or Elsewhere     After church, we will pray and then all willing church members will go to the Mall.  Make a goal of talking to at least 10 people.  Walk around for 1 ½ to 2 hours.  Go to the Food Court and/or different stores in the Mall.  Shop for real or “window shop” and simply talk to or witness to people along the way.  Use the object evangelism icebreakers.  If they are interested, give them your church’s tract.  Meet back at the church afterwards to share testimonies of the people we witnessed to and then Praise the Lord for all He has done!!

See this brochure for more details about her Awake! I Am Coming Seminar:  About “Awake-I-Am-Coming!”-Seminar pamphlet-

About David and Susan Nazarewicz    Susan met David in Sunday School. They got married on June 21, 2014 at RHEMA Bible Church in the Chapel.

About David  –  David was born again at age 15. He has been in the Army for 13 years and is an E-7 or Sergeant First class. He is a senior at Liberty University (online). He is a graduate of Victory Bible Institute from Victory Family Church in Cranberry Township, PA.  He also graduated from RHEMA Bible Training College in May 2016 from the Pastor’s group.  Presently they minister every week at John 3:16 Mission where Susan sings a praise and worship song and David delivers  a 15 minute  message before we give away the free groceries.

About Susan – Susan was born again at age eight and answered the call of God to serve Him in college her senior year at UNC at Chapel Hill, NC where she earned a B.A. degree in Psychology and Political Science. She graduated from RHEMA Bible Training College in 1995.  She then went to Victory World Missions Training Center and also Church On the Move School of Ministry in 1996.  Presently, she is a full time prayer partner at Oral Roberts ministries (since 2004).  She’s ordained by John G. Lake Ministries:

Prophetic Ministry    One prophetic word can change your life!  1 Cor. 14: 3 says “he who prophesies speaks edification, exhorta- tion and comfort to men.”  The Lord graced Susan with a prophetic gift in March 1997 where she can easily sing prophetic words over people by the spirit of the Lord. Over the years, hundreds have been blessed, edified, and comforted through a prophetic song Susan sang over them. See: Susan’s prophetic gift – Testimonies

After Susan married David, she excitedly realized that he can prophesy as well!   After she prophesies, the Lord often gives him a prophetic word too.  The prophetic words can be recorded using the “voice memo” on androids or iphones   So if you are open to it, after the seminar, we can prophesy over your church members as well for a period of time.

To Contact  To call or text:  918-938-2969     or e-mail me through the contact form below.

If need be, the seminar can be condensed down to one session and it is flexible to your church’s time constraints.  It is an encouraging seminar that teaches your church members how to get started and to witness to the lost more effectively and how to invite people to your church.  The results will be a lot of church growth and along with that –  financial blessings!

Book Trailer for “Awake!  I am Coming!” seminars:    

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