New Book – Hope for Overcoming SSA – Same-Sex Attractions

The following are Chapters and subtitles in this new book:  There Is Hope for Overcoming SSASameSex Attractions.     The root causes of homosexuality, Men with same-sex attractions come from all walks of life, What the Bible says about homosexuality, It is not a civil rights issue, the truth is no one is born gay and this is proven in three different studies,  God’s original design, How do same-sex attractions develop, Different methods of healing homosexuality, Steps to Healing Homosexuality, If you are saved, then call yourself a son, Layers 1 2 3 and Layer 4: How to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, Confess who you are in Christ: you are a son,  Find the root lie that created the wound and the wall around your heart, Examples of lies that attach to the wound, Forgive whoever was there in the bad memory, Learn to forgive others because Jesus tells us to, Forgiveness leads to your emotional healing from Same Sex Attractions, Forgiving God, You must forgive yourself, Jesus took your shame on the cross, Single Moms find a Godly Role model for your son,  Books to help you witness to them, Testimonies of homosexuals healed through Christ, Book-length testimonials of those delivered from homosexuality, Helpful Ministries for those struggling with same-sex attractions, More resources on informational articles about the risky homosexual lifestyle.  Click:   Buy It Here on Amazon – only $8.00