Paraguay Missions Trip

If Jesus tarries, I am going to 

Paraguay – June 20-30, 2024

I am going with Global Ventures!

It costs $3,250 to go!

Only 8% are evangelical Christians in Paraguay

It is a relatively small country in nature.  Paraguay makes up for this by being known as the “Heart of South America.” Home to a beautiful landscape of waterfalls, and grassy plains, it is most notably the land that the expressive and warm Paraguayan people call home. Widely known as a Catholic nation, most of the people of Paraguay don’t know that Jesus is waiting to have a personal relationship with them. So I am excited about this opportunity because I took Spanish for seven years in school and I can speak Spanish fairly well, – enough to have a conversation and share my faith in Jesus Christ

Paraguay Trip Overview   Languages: Spanish & Guarani

We will break into small teams during ministry and share the Gospel in schools, villages, markets, and streets. In the evening we will host city-wide family festivals (crusades) in public spaces. We will also be helping to enrich communities through service projects. We will venture into two regions to bring the Gospel to these precious people. Team members will have connecting flights to a U.S. city and fly together with the Global Ventures staff to Asuncion. International team members will fly directly to Asuncion and meet us there.

          Years ago, I loved to go on Mission Trips.  When I worked at the Abundant Life Prayer Group at Oral Roberts Ministries, at the Abundant Life Prayer Group, after praying 40 hours a week (which was a lot of spiritual work!) I had no desire to go anywhere.  But now I work for Liberty University from home in Rolla, MO as a New Enrollment Specialist and go to church here in Waynesville, MO at The River (pastored by Howie & Melanie Malone –

At The River – the small group Bible studies are called “Streams” so on Saturdays at 5:30 at Panera Bread in St Robert I am leading “the Evangelism Stream” using my book:  “I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?”  as the Bible Study text for the group.  I have also given out hundreds of tracts that I created at Fort Leonard Wood Army base on various holidays  (Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas, Valentine’s St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day & 4th of July, and  Labor Day).  A dozen soldiers have given their hearts to the Lord this year and prayed a Salvation Prayer after me there!  I give Him all the glory!

Recently a missionary named Brenda Sands spoke about her adventurous fruitful 2023 Summer Mission Trips with Global Ventures and she is 71! 

As she spoke,  my spirit lept inside me and God was urging me that He wanted me to go on Missions Trips too!  I was not too old to go on Mission Trips with Global Ventures!  They take all ages! The harvest is plenteous and the laborers are few!

    You see, in the past, I have gone on  these  6 Short-Term ( a week to 10 days)  MISSIONS TRIPS:

1.  Nicaragua  –  went  with (evangelical) Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC  in August 1992

2.  Sierra Leone, W. Africa –  with Rev. Russ Tatro – Living Word Missions in March 1994

3.  Sierra Leone & Liberia, W. Africa – Living Word/Mike Francen Ministries in November  1995

4.  Guatemala – with Victory World Missions Training Center class –  in  July 1996

5.  Nigril, Jamaica – taught in a Bible School there founded by Dr. Clive Wilson in  November 2002

6.  Lahore, Pakistan – taught “Fruits of the Spirit” in the 1st Victory Bible Institute   in October 2003

So I have a lot of experience on the Mission Field.  In 1996, I even went to Victory World Mission Training Center to get trained to become a missionary.  It was a long time ago, but I still have such a desire to go to the nations!


+ Domestic and International Airfare

+ Lodging and Meals

+ Visas & Travel Insurance

+ Service Projects

IMPORTANT DEADLINES in raising the $3,250

$300 Deposit Due: Nov. 1st

65% of Trip Cost Due: Jan. 31st  – $2,112.50

All Forms Are Due: Jan. 31st

100% of Trip Cost Due: April 1st

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Susan Nazarewicz