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I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?       

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Dedication                                                                                       v

Acknowledgements                                                                   vii

 I.         Compassion, Courage, Subway             and Testimonies


1.    All Started at the Mall with Subway                             3

2.    Creating Compassion to Witness to the Lost           15

3.    Creating Courage to Witness to the Lost                   25

4.    It Takes Prayer to Win the Lost                                      29

5 .    I Want to Witness, But HOW Do I Say It?                  35

6.     Testimonies that Show “Yes” It Works!                   43

II.   Object Evangelism Icebreakers – I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say…

7.     Around Entertainment?

Games,   Movies,   Music,   Toys                                                                     53

8.     Around Financial Affairs?

Bank,    Casino,     Real Estate,   Stock Market                                        63

9.     Around Food?                               

Coffee,   Kitchen,   Restaurant,   Bar                                                           73

10.   Around Healthcare?

Dentist,   Hospital,  Suicidal Person                                                           83

11.   Holidays and Special Times?

Christmas,   4th of July,   Easter,   Funeral,  Wedding                       91

12.    Around the Great Outdoors?

Beach,  Camping,  Dogs and Cats, Farm, Fishing, Flowers,  Park, Swimming Pool, Weather and Zoo                            103

13.    When Shopping and Doing Errands

Beauty Salon,   Bookstore,  Grocery Store, Hardware Store,  Laundromat,  Mall and Post Office                                             125

14.    Around Sports?

Baseball,   Basketball,   Boxing,   Football, Golf,Gym,   Hockey,   Skiing,   Soccer, Tennis                                       141

15.    Around School and Work?

Computer,   Office,   Junior High School, High School or College, Housework                                                                                          163

16.    When Traveling?

Airport,  Car or Bus,  Auto Repair,  Gas Station, Train                                                                                                                                                                   175

III.   After the Icebreaker,                             Then What Do I Say?                    

17.    Truth to Say to 13 False Religions –

  • Astrologists
  • Horoscope Readers
  • Atheists & Evolutionists
  • Buddhists
  • Hindus
  •  Jehovah Witnesses
  • Jews
  • Mormons
  • Muslims
  • New Agers
  • Scientologists
  • Unitarian Universalism
  • Homosexuals & Lesbians                                                                       189

18.    Witnessing Using Prophetic Evangelism            281

            A to Z Words of Affirmation Scriptures

19.    “Plans of Salvation” to Share the Gospel Using:

  • Coffee –   while drinking it or making it
  • Grades –   For students to use
  • Swimming Individual Medley   – for swimmers!                       301

20.    Lies that Children of Divorce Believe                           and the Truth that Sets Them Free                                   305

Index of Icebreakers                                                                309

About Susan Nazarewicz                                                        321

To Re-Order Book                                                                       323

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