Testimonies  –“Yes, It Works!”

People have asked me, but does this work? Yes, of course it works! If you overcome your fears and do say the object evangelism icebreaker to an unbeliever, it will work in transitioning a conversation onto the Gospel track. It surely does work.                       Following are several testimonies of people who have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior after using one of these object evangelism icebreakers.

A Teenager Walking Down the Street

One day my husband painted our front door a pretty maroon color. I really liked it. I saw a young man walking slowly down our street and yelled out to him. “My husband just painted our front door! So what do you think?” He walked closer and replied. “It looks nice.” Then I said, “But you know, Jesus Christ is the most important DOOR you will ever walk through. Have you ever walked through that door.” DeAndre replied. “I remember you. I knew you were going to say something like that about God. You talked to me about God when I was nine years old when my Dad came over and fixed your ceiling fan.” I said, “Oh my gosh! I remember now!” He ashamedly looked down and continued, “But now I’m 17 now and I got in trouble and now I’m on probation Sigh. I guess it is time to turn my life over to Him.” Then he prayed a salvation prayer after me and got saved!

A Neighbor In an Idling Sports Car

One sunny day, my husband David cut down a tall tree because its branches were hanging over our roof and its stray  branches were still all over the yard. A high school grad named Manny came by in a fancy sports car with the top down his music blaring across the street. He was waiting for his friend. I went over to the idling car and said, “My husband just cut down that tree. Did you know that your life can be cut down – just like that tree – in an instant?” He was sober and sad because a friend of his recently got shot and killed by a policeman when she drove the “get-away car” involved in a robbery. We talked about it and to make it short, he was ripe and prayed to receive Jesus as His Lord and Savior right then and there!

Wrigley’s Customer Service Rep

 I called Wrigley’s to find out where I could buy those mini life saver rolls for my Halloween tracts because I could not find them in any store. After the customer service lady told me they were discontinued, I asked her:  “So is Jesus your life saver?” And she replied: “Well, no…”Then I explained to her the Gospel and she prayed a salvation prayer after me and got born again!

My Auto Insurance Agent

One time I went by my auto insurance office to ask my agent named John a question about my policy. Then I asked him if he had life insurance – for all eternity? I told him that was the most important assurance to have – where you will spend eternity. He said he didn’t go to church, but he was open to receive Jesus as His Lord.    No one had really asked him about it before. So right then and there, he prayed a salvation prayer after me and got gloriously saved! He was on cloud nine that whole day and said, “If I had known how wonderful it feels to be saved, I would have done it a lot sooner.” (He was 40).

A Convenience Store Clerk

I witnessed every week to a dark–skinned man who owned a convenience store within the mall who believed that he was already saved though works and had not prayed to receive Christ as His Lord and Savior. Knowing what he thought and since he was a storeowner, I focused on the obvious – buying and selling. I said to him: “The reason why you cannot buy salvation through good works is because people do not have equal abilities to do good works. So that is not fair to achieve salvation through good works. God is fair and He is just. You see, people have different gifts and talents, different levels of intelligence, different levels of athletic ability and come from different socio– economic backgrounds. But no matter what, God knows that everyone has the ability to believe whatever he or she chooses. So when a person chooses to believe in and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior – that He died on the cross for their sins and rose from the dead – then they shall receive this free gift of eternal life.” He was still hesitating, so I went on: “I know that you stumble over the fact that “salvation is free” and that there are no works involved to obtain it, but let me tell you something,  After you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord, following Christ and wholeheartedly obeying Him will cost you everything. There are things that He will ask you to give up in order to serve Him.” So after planting several seeds, he finally got it and prayed a salvation prayer to ask Jesus Christ to be His Lord and Savior!         Praise God!  Hallelujah!  Then a few weeks later, his store moved out of the mall and I haven’t seen him since.

A 17 Year Old Who Could Not Vote Yet

One time I was campaigning for a man running for Mayor and I was going door–to–door passing out “Get out the Vote” material. I knocked on one door and a young man answered. He said that his parents were not home and he was only 17. Then the spirit of the Lord compelled me to witness to him. So I told him I was taking off “my political hat” and putting on my own personal hat. He understood. Then I told him that God wants him to spend eternity in heaven with Him, but in order to do that, you have to “vote for Jesus” and ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior. He said he was brought up a Catholic, but had never prayed a salvation prayer and his parents did not go to church. He agreed to pray a salvation prayer with me right there and got saved! His face brightened and he said he felt joy in his heart. I encouraged him to try to go to church with a friend. He said he did have a couple friends that he could go to Youth group with. I was so glad.  It is so important to get teenagers in a good Youth Group at church. They need good godly peer pressure in these last days where there is so much evil running rampant in our schools.

My Mortgage Broker

Another time, I was talking on the phone with my mortgage broker and he asked me what I did for a living. When I told him I was a prayer partner, he was amazed that I pray on the phone for a living. (Well, I don’t get paid very much!). I could tell he was not saved.  Then I told him that the buyer always wants to buy a house in the right location, but the most important thing is to make sure that your home for all eternity is in the right location. He agreed. I explained the whole Gospel to him and asked him if he would like to pray a salvation prayer after me. After talking with him a little while longer, he agreed. It was a divine appointment. He repeated a salvation prayer after me over the phone. He was 42. I encouraged him to go to church. He said that he would go with his neighbor who was a Christian.

Four Children at the Mall

One time I witnessed to four children, ranging in ages from eight to thirteen. I started off by saying,“Jesus loves the little children. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, for of such is the Kingdom of God (Matthew 19:14).”  I really thought they were Catholic because they told me that they thought that you were saved by works. The grand father, who was watching them while their mother was away shopping, did not speak any English. But the children all did. It was a divine appointment.           Then I explained the whole Gospel to them in about ten minutes. They even asked questions and I answered them. Then they all prayed a prayer of salvation after me! Praise God! Hallelujah! I was rejoicing! I gave them little books about their “New Life” in Christ and got their names and address to follow up as well.

A Motorcycle Dirt Bike Racer at Quik Trip

I ministered to a man at a gas station called Quik Trip. I told him, “When Jesus comes again, it will be a quick trip.”  He was convicted of his sins and looked down. He said that he was from Indiana, but he was here in Tulsa for a motorcycle dirt bike race and he knew that he needed divine protection. He ashamedly said that he knew the gospel, but he had never taken the time or made the commitment to ask Jesus Christ to come into his heart. There are so many people who grew up in church and never made a commitment to receive Jesus as Lord.  This is why “children’s church” or sunday school is so important. It breaks down the gospel for children so they can understand it.  Anyway, this man realized his sin and repented and repeated a salvation prayer after me. He became born again! I was so elated because that night he finally received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! I knew that the angels in heaven were rejoicing too.

A Fan of My Alma Mater UNC

Another guy I witnessed to at this park where I like to go running was wearing a Carolina blue UNC baseball hat. He was seventeen. I said: “I like your hat! I love the University of North Carolina. I graduated from there in 1992. It reminds me of home. I moved to Tulsa in 1993 to go to RHEMA Bible Training College so saying that I moved to Tulsa to go to Bible School got me onto the Gospel track. Then I said, “I learned a lot of things at Bible School. One thing I learned is that a lot of people have heard the Gospel and they know it, but they have never prayed to make a commitment to receive  Jesus Christ their Lord and really live for Him. ” As we talked, I realized that he was one of those! He knew the Gospel, but had never prayed that salvation prayer. So that day, he repeated a prayer after me and got saved! Praise God! Hallelujah! He said he was going to go to church next Sunday.

A Salvation During My Lunch Break

I witnessed to a guy during my thirty minute lunch break. I went around the corner to Quik Trip and popped my hood because my car was running hot. This guy named Jason put some coolant in for me. I was so thankful for this favor and for his kindness. I was in a hurry so I quickly said, “Thank you so much for doing me this favor and for helping me! You are so nice that I want you to go to heaven! Do you know how much Jesus loves you? Have you ever prayed and asked him to be your Lord and Savior?” Jason was in his early twenties and he looked like he was saved because he was clean cut, etc, but God looks on the heart. He said he had never really been to church and had never prayed a salvation prayer. I could barely believe it. So I quickly told him the four spiritual laws. He thoughtfully listened like he was hearing them for the first time. Then I asked him if he would like to pray a salvation prayer. He hesitated, but then I said: “Look, I have to go. I am on my lunch break and have to get back, but I believe that this is a divine appointment and I don’t know if I will ever see you again. Are you sure you don’t want to pray?” He looked around and saw that no one was watching him and then he said, “Sure.” He then repeated a salvation prayer after me!! Praise God! Hallelujah! He got saved! Then I encouraged him to go to church on Sunday. “There are churches everywhere in Tulsa,” I said. He laughed and said, “Yeah, I know!” Then he smiled and he thanked me. I drove back to work with such joy in my heart! You need joy in your life? Go get some people saved! So when anyone does you a favor, you can use this technique for witnessing to the lost!

A Tech Support Rep from the Philippines

When I was building my website, www.traintracts.com, I had to call tech support many times to figure out what to do. One time at the end of my very long phone conversation, I led a tech support guy from the Philippines to the Lord over the phone. I used all kinds of computer terms. I said, “You know when your computer messes up and you don’t know what to do, you hit control, alt, delete, right?” He agreed. But what do you do when your life gets messed up? He was silent. I said, “Well, you do about the same thing, but you call upon Jesus Christ and let Him take control of your life. He will alter your life and He will delete all your sins. Techs call it “rebooting,” but we Christians call it, becoming born–again. At one point, he was behind the scenes online on my computer helping me “transfer files” from one folder to another, so as the yellow files flew over from the left to the folder  on  the right side, I told him: “That is just what it is like when you become born–again. You see, your spirit is then transferred from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light.” He really got it then. So after he helped me, I asked him if he wanted to pray a salvation prayer and he agreed and so he prayed a salvation prayer after me over the phone! He was so happy. He even said that they had churches in the Philippines and that he and his wife would start going to one.

A Couple of Teens at the Mall

A couple of teenage guys, Lance and Nicholas, ages 12 and 16, both got born again in front of the GAP clothes store. I said, “You know, that GAP reminds me of the fact that God Answers Prayer. Have you ever thought of that?” They were dumbfounded. I talked to them a little bit about prayer. Then I asked them if they knew Jesus as their Savior. They got convicted and agreed to pray a prayer to receive Jesus as their Lord. Then when I asked them about it, they also prayed to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They immediately began talking in tongues. Everything went so smoothly with them. It was so easy. Praise God! Hallelujah! I felt like “the laborer” whom their Mama was praying for.

I know that there will be many testimonies from using the many icebreakers in this book and I would like to hear your testimony! You can always e–mail me at: susan.nazarewicz@gmail.com

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