Confession – Affidavit of Arturo D’Elia who Hacked the 2020 U.S. Election

On Twitter at  #Italydidit, this appeared on Jan 6, 2021 and I was floored.

It is PROOF the 2020 Election was hacked.   This IT guy from Italy named Arturo D’Elia confessed that he actually hacked the Election by switching votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden!  This Bombshell News got covered up because of the riots on Capitol Hill that happened that day.

This is the original affidavit below that I took a screenshot of because I know how things disappear.  Since it was removed from Twitter, I thought I would upload it to my own website to preserve it.  While you are here.  Buy my book and witness to the lost!































Also here is a video (below) of the lady named Maria Zack (right) who broke the story on Jan 6th – click on the youtube link below to view it:

Here is another article that also has the affidavit embedded inside the article and truthfully it is a clearer picture of the affidavit with a whiter background. Click on BOMBSHELL and the article will open up to its original website and you can view the clearer afidvit and read the whole article:

BOMBSHELL: IT Expert And Global Defense Contractor Testifies In Italian Court That He And Others Rigged Machines To Switch Votes To Biden In US Election