Be Delivered from Shame

 “Now is the time to shed the skin of false identity and put on your true identity.”

The Lord is shaking off any false identity that you have been wrapped in, which has given you a misrepresentation of who God created you to be.
You have been uniquely and intimately designed in His image and the Holy Spirit lives within you;
Holy Spirit is there to do great and mighty things through your life.
God’s Spirit reveals the love of the Father to you, reveals truth to you, and empowers you to resist the devil and his lies.

Are you living under an identity that brings shame, distress, insecurity, self-hatred—anything short of amazing beauty?
If so, then you are not living in His image or His design for your life.


The enemy is terrified when God’s children come into the true knowledge of who they are and what they were created to do,
because he knows that if they step into their true identity, they will walk in authority against his evil schemes.
Tonight is the Day of the Lord to impart the truth to His Son’s and Daughter’s.