Susan’s Blog – Reading Through the Bible

Bible appHave you ever made a decision to read the Bible through and yet, you sometimes forgot to read one day and felt bad about it?  Well, I have been there.  My husband David reads  a chapter a day in the Word.  He is so diligent about it and doesn’t miss a day.  I also read the Word, but I skip around and I like to read Joyce Meyer books as well.   My husband  is more organized and consistent than I am in reading his Bible and I want to be more like him like he is like Jesus.

The objective of this blog: – for Christians to get together online and read a chapter in the Bible everyday.  Then pick your favorite scripture or the scripture that jumps out at you or strikes a chord with you from that chapter and in the blog response at the bottom, simply post YOUR favorite scripture and WHY.   (There is not right or wrong answer).   It is as simple as that.   So we can all read the Bible together and learn and grow in Christ and be accountable with one other – to keep reading our Bibles everyday!

Go  to my blog to see what chapter we are on today.  I  invite you to join us!