About David Nazarewicz



David was born in Akron, Ohio and he was born again at age 15.  He is a senior online student at Liberty University. He is a graduate of Victory Bible Institute from Victory Family Church in Cranberry Township, PA. He also graduated from RHEMA Bible Training College from the Pastors group in May 2016.  He is in the Army Reserves now.  When he was in active duty, he so enjoyed serving with The Navigators ministry.  He is a master chef and a handyman as well.  When David was in the Army, he traveled to Beirut, South America and Germany where he was ordained.  David has a weekly podcast called:  “The Warrior’s Light” that gives peace, hope and joy to Christians to help them live for Christ.  See the link on this website.  David married Susan in June 2014 and they are excited about serving the Lord together.