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The Warrior's Light
The Warrior’s Light Podcast







My husband David has an inspiring encouraging podcast that I am quite proud of called:  The Warrior’s Light Podcast.   It is not on itunes because he only records them when he has time, but you can listen right here.  Just click on the arrow to “play” on the red mini player and then it will pull outward >>.   Then you can listen to his Warrior’s Light podcasts.  The  “II”  button at the end will stop it.    The gray down arrow at the end of the red mini player enables you to “download” the podcast if you would rather listen to it that way.    David’s podcasts will encourage you and build you up in the Word of God.  Enjoy!



The Mercy of God – Blind Bartemaeus


The Great Turnabout – the woman with the issue of blood




Faith and Love


Prison or Paradise


Front Line


The Big Gulp


Why Is Light Important? – part 5


A Partner for Life – Part 1


A Partner for Life – Part 2